Press Release - Climb Up to Merge with Summit Climbing Gyms

Climb Up, an Oklahoma-based climbing gym company with locations in Oklahoma City and Norman, is merging with Summit Climbing Gyms from the Dallas-Ft Worth area. The transition is expected to take place over the coming month.  The merger will broaden the already successful five climbing gym locations that Summit operates in the DFW region with a sixth gym on the way in Plano.

Summit’s leadership team acquired their first gym in Grapevine, TX in 2009 and has since acquired and added 4, going on 5, new locations over the past 9 years.

“The Summit gyms offer a level of professionalism and customer care that is consistent with the culture at Climb Up.  We’re looking forward to seeing what they can add,” says Climb Up co-owner Aaron Gibson.

“We’re very excited to bring the Summit brand to Oklahoma” says Summit co-owner, Kyle Clinkscales. Clinkscales owns the Summit chain of gyms alongside co-owners Stan Borodyanksy and Chris LoCrasto. “We’ve built a really strong community in the DFW area and can’t wait to continue that in Oklahoma. “

The transition is expected to be operationally seamless with both locations remaining open without interruption.

“Routesetting and gym events are some of our strengths,” says Borodyansky. “We can’t wait to take what Lisa and Aaron have started, and continue to grow it in these areas.”

The merge is expected to take affect in early September.