This is a combined post of some updates on the gym construction as well as some more looks at various yet-to-be-revealed renderings of the climbing walls.

What's Up

Things have really taken off both at the gym and behind-the-scenes. We completed the interior framing of the front office area, bathrooms, and new shower room. The plumbing is done as well and we are awaiting inspections before proceeding with the next steps. The traverse wall in the group/kids room is complete and looks great.

There was some retro-fitting of the steel structure in the main gym and that is also complete.

Things are (so-far) on schedule as much as possible. We are expecting the Walltopia shipments including the walls to be delivered later this month - along with the shipments the Walltopia crew will arrive to install the walls! And not a moment too soon - we are READY to have these walls up!

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We understand the VIP Lifetime membership may be more than you can afford - so in that case, please consider the next best thing which is the "First Up" Annual membership.

Wall Design - Renderings

Now a look at the massive boulder in the center of the room.

Freestanding boulder - Climb Up

It may be difficult to get an idea of perspective from this image but rest assured, this boulder is HUGE! The angles vary on different sections of the wall with the overhanging prow clearly being the steepest line of ascent. That said, there is plenty of room for highly technical and dynamic routes all around this boulder. The main idea was to have a central feature that would allow for ample climbing of all levels but not fully cut off the left half of the room from the right half of the room. With this design you can walk all the way around the boulder - as well as on top of it!

Here's an image of the other side of the boulder:

Freestanding boulder - Climb Up

From this angle you will notice more continuous surfaces broken up by a couple of aretes, dihedrals and a slab section. The top-outs in many places transition in before going completely horizontal. The entire boulder angles down and towards the slab climb and down-climb area. This should make for some super-fun individual boulder problems as well as a circuit of boulder problems.


There's much more to share - but that's it for now. Finally, we want to thank each of you for your ongoing support. Your enthusiasm keeps us going and will make this gym awesome!

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