Belay Training (offered on a First come first serve walk in basis)

This orientation is REQUIRED for all new climbers; climbers (and/or belayers) that have not climbed and/or belayed before. Climb Up staff will train you in the proper technique to belay using our in-situ belay devices, Petzl GriGri, how to clip-in as the climber, how to belay as the belayer, and how to utilize the Perfect Descent auto-belay devices. ($6)

Introduction to Gym CLimbinG:
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This course is designed to orient new climbers who desire a more in depth introduction to the gym and more advanced belay training in addition to other skills that will maximize their initial climbing experience. ($30) 1 hour

Beginner Climbing Technique & movement
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In this course we focus on the fundamentals of climbing technique; using your feet, weight transfer, balance, hand positions for using various holds, and developing climbing-specific strength to improve your climbing. Course is taught on some bouldering terrain but focuses more on roped climbing terrain. No previous experience required, however, you must have already taken the belay course. Highlighted areas will include reading boulder problems, figuring out starts, techniques for topping-out, and best practices for falling safely. No previous experience required. ($30) 1 hour

Intermediate Climbing Technique
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This is for those climbers working through the intermediate grades and looking towards completing more difficult climbs. There are certain techniques that come into play when breaking through to harder and harder climbs. We will explore things like visualization, resting techniques, advanced footwork, and breaking down and unlocking sequences. We will also focus on using your strengths and identifying and overcome weaknesses. Bouldering and roped climbing terrain will be used. ($30) 1 hour

Private training

One-on-one private training to help you improve your technique and help you progress in your climbing level. ($55/hour)

Lead Climbing & Belaying

The prerequisites for lead climbing at Climb Up are that you must be comfortably climbing 5.9 top-ropes and demonstrate sound top-rope belay technique and have a familiarity with what lead climbing entails. In this class we will introduce and practice concepts related to lead climbing and belaying at Climb Up including: rope management, clipping methods, communication, belaying for lead, falling, catching a fall, and completing a climb. The course includes a lead and belay assessment. If completed successfully the participant(s) will receive lead certification. (This course is not intended to be a replacement for outdoor lead instruction. There are many more variables in the outdoor environment. We recommend that you seek outdoor professional guided instruction, which we also provide. Check out our Outdoor Guided Climbing page.)

Climbing Wall Instructor Program

The CWI certification program focuses on education, review and skills evaluation of individual candidates using consensus performance standards developed by leading professionals in the field of climbing sports which have been subjected to public review. Certification standards are intended to address the minimum criteria a candidate should meet to be able to comply with prevailing industry practices and standards of care. Click here for details