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Located just south of downtown and Bricktown in the heart of Oklahoma City are a set of grain silos that has housed a climbing gym since 1999. We continue to build on the foundation of those initial seeds. 

The routes here are LONG. Way longer than you will find at most climbing gyms. The height of the silos are 90 feet. The routes can be up to 140 feet and longer. This is perhaps the only climbing gym in the country where you will find multi-pitch climbing. We offer training for big wall climbs. In the winter time, if the weather is just right we will have ice climbing in an area we created called the ice corridor. We recently installed a geo-thermal system that controls the temperature in the silos for your your enjoyment! Come escape the heat indoors this summer!!!

Some of the best views of the downtown OKC skyline and Bricktown can be had from the outside routes on the north wall. 

How's the Weather?

Oklahoma, renowned (and sometimes loathed) for its diverse weather you can check the weather outside the silos by viewing our famous OKC skyline live video feed and weather cam, brought to you in cooperation with


200 SE 4th Street OKC, OK 73129
Please note there is construction in the area!!

Access from the intersection of Oklahoma Ave and OKC Blvd just south of the big U-Haul building in Bricktown OR you can access from the west side off of Shields Blvd/EK Gaylord at 4th Street and head east.


Anyone entering the gym is required to complete a liability waiver.

About the Mural

"This Land" is the title of the mural on the north side of the silos. Artwork by Rick Sinnett and painted by Sinnett and crew. 


Monday - Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 7pm