What is bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without the use of a rope or harness. "Boulder problems" or "boulders," for short, are designated routes of varying difficulty. Bouldering has an added risk because when you fall you land on the mats rather than a belayer catching your fall. The tallest section of our bouldering walls is 16 feet in height. 

Can you tell me about your routesetting?

At Climb Up in Norman we use "monochromatic" setting, which means each route has a common hold color.

At Climb Up OKC we set a little differently. Our routes will either be monochromatic or there will simply be one route per rope. The top-rope/lead routes are LONG and tend to warrant stand-alone routes. 

Our setters are USA Climbing certified routesetters. We have a rotating schedule in which we change sections of walls. On average we try to have each section changed every 8 weeks. In OKC routesetting poses additional challenges because the routes are much longer so we tend to keep them up a bit longer.

What are the differences between the Norman and OKC locations?

Our Norman location offers an indoor climate-controlled space with 25' ceilings. We have a variety of bouldering, top-roping, auto-belay, and lead climbing terrain. The walls vary in angles and difficulty. We also have a yoga studio with daily classes. 

The OKC location is a unique facility. Built insides a series of repurposed grain silos the climbs reach an amazing 90 feet high and some routes extend beyond that given the curvature of the walls. We have top-ropes, auto-belays and some bouldering. (Our bouldering room is in the process of being rebuilt!) We are in an ongoing state of expansion and improvement. Most recently, we have repainted, added an entirely new front-entry, and have given the silos a fresh appeal.

Do I need a reservation to climb or take the belay training?

No reservation is needed to visit for the day or take our belay training/orientation. Classes are taught at both our OKC and Norman locations.

What do you offer for kids?

Kids of all ages are welcome at Climb Up! There is no minimum age to climb but what they can and want to climb depends on the child. We have had kids as young as 2 climb the bigger walls but generally the taller walls are more appropriate for kids aged 5 and up. In most cases we recommend trying out our kids room for little ones. We offer a variety of programs for kids ages 8 and up including after-school kids clubs, summer camps, and of course birthday parties.

Do you have group rates?

Yes, we offer group rates based on the number of people in your group and the activities you are interested in. A complete list of our group rates and options are listed on the Groups page.

What is top-roping?

Top roping is a form of climbing that involves using a rope that goes up through a top-anchor. The belayer is on one end and controls the rope through their belay device as the climber moves up the wall. The rope goes from the belayer up through an anchor at the top of the wall and back down to the climber that is clipped to the opposite end of the rope. As the climber climbs the belayer takes up the slack. It is the belayer's job to catch the climber if they fall, hold them, and lower them safely back to the ground.

What is lead climbing?

Lead climbing is a more advanced form of climbing that requires extra skills and abilities. With this style of climbing the belayer feeds rope to the climber as the climber moves up the wall. Along the way the climber clips the rope into anchor points called quickdraws. If the climber falls they fall to the previous quickdraw clipped. Lead climbing is more risky and both the belayer and the climber have additional responsibilities to keep the climber from taking a big fall. 

At Climb Up we teach a lead climbing certification course for qualified individuals. We also do lead climbing certifications/checks for experienced lead climbers. We ask that you please not request a lead certification/check if you are not well versed in lead belaying (with a Grigri or tube-style/passive device), lead sport climbing at 5.9+ or higher, tying in with a figure-8, and the intricacies of clipping. 

How do I get started in climbing?

We make getting into climbing as easy as possible. Just complete a waiver, get a climbing pass, rent climbing gear (shoes + harness) and take our orientation and belay training and you're ready to go. We'll show you the basics and you are off to explore climbing! If you want additional instruction check out one of our technique classes or inquire about private training. 

What should I wear?

You should wear athletic-style clothing that is easy to move around in. Our Norman location is climate controlled so shorts and t-shirts are always an option. For the silos in OKC you should be prepared for the indoor temperature to be within 10-degrees of the outside ambient temperature. If it's cold outside be sure and dress in layers so that you can take insulating layers off as you warm-up while climbing. 

How much does it cost for a child to climb with a parent belaying?

The kid's climbing pass (age 5-10) and rental gear (shoes + harness) is $19 (+tax). Plus the parent will need a rental harness (to belay) and the belay training which is $9. So the total would be $28 plus tax. Complete rates can be found on the prices page.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our minimum belay age is 14 years old. There is no minimum age to climb. All participants must complete a waiver to be in the gym. You must be at least 18 years old to complete a waiver. 

I understand you have yoga and fitness classes, can you tell me about them?

We have a beautiful studio where we offer daily classes. We offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes throughout the week by several instructors. These classes vary in style and teaching methods but all of our teachers are certified instructors that have years of experience teaching their discipline. 

Our class schedule can be found on this page

If you have questions or concerns about a particular class you may email us and we will forward your inquiry to an instructor.