Team Building

Team UP Team Building at Climb Up is a great way to get out of your day-to-day working environment and do something fun and meaningful for your group. We provide challenging, thought-provoking scenarios that require a balance of communication and performance in order to effectively navigate given situations.

Whether it's the wall challenge, the stepping-stones challenge, the flip-the-spot scenario, or some other activity, your team will need to work together to complete the task. In our team-building exercises, every person has a role to play, every person has a voice, and those who take charge are not always the obvious candidates. The solution is not always clear and sometimes there is more than one way to overcome a challenge. 

We follow up the team-building challenges with the opportunity to learn the process of climbing, belaying and bouldering. Climbing, in addition to being an adventurous experience, allows one to test their own comfort level, use on-the-go problem solving skills, and ultimately reach the top!

 *Please note our policy for groups requires a minimum charge of 70% of the total participants booked if less than the reserved number attend.
Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the arrival date will incur a 100% charge.


“Our afternoon with the Climb Up staff included goal setting, team building, rock climbing and fun activities which helped my team prepare for their competitive season. After this experience, my guys left feeling energized and excited about building a championship team for 2015.”

-Mark Williams, Head Coach, OU Men's Gymanstics


Up to 3 hours, advance scheduling required, $50 deposit

Up to 10 $25/climber
11-29 $23/climber
30+ $21/climber